Flow series

Basically, for us this work is about shape and materials. You see the shape that resembles a movement. If you imagine you see Flow, closes your eyes and opens them again, it will be gone, moved to another place. With Flow, you first see the fluid shape, but when you get closer the detail of the engraved gold catches the eye. Wengé wood grows in soil, the gold is found in the ground. Two materials that is older than humankind. - Mette Bentzen and Lasse Kristensen.

USA: Traver Gallery, Seattle
Denmark: Galleri Montan, Copenhagen

Detail images of Flow (wall mounted). Wengé and 24 ct gold. All metal work is made by Gravalance.

Flow freestanding sculpture, Wengé and copper base.

Detail image of Flow freestanding sculpture, Wengé.

Flow installation, black stained Danish ash.

Flow installation, black stained Danish ash.