ICE series

Representation: Sarah Myerscough Gallery
Which inherent forces impact frozen water? Is it possible to captivate the aesthetics of ice? And does it translate well into another medium? Playing around with ice and melting processes has inspired a series of sculptural furniture.

VOID series

Representation: Sarah Myerscough Gallery
The VOID series is an investigation into the relationship between function, shape, craft and art.


ESSENTIA / Cabinet - We engrave the wood with copper, because we find both materials to be some of the most essential materials of nature. The the wood grows on the land, the copper is found in the soil or rocks beneath it. The expression of the wengé wood is very textural and almost looks like fertile soil. It makes us think of the world and our nature as so much older than humankind. It puts our own tiny life in a bigger timeframe.


Experience ORBIT. Invite time to move slower.


The Stalactites / Stalagmites series began as an exploration of these peculiar natural shapes. In the process, a wealth of other shapes emerged.


”Bloom” is the third sculptural chair created in collaboration between Hannes Stephensen and Egeværk. Additional collaborative chairs are ”A Touch of Mack” and ”Fly”.



Golden Ratio

An expression of the Golden Ratio / Scuplture of maple


The STEMS TABLE / Danish Ash